Tax Advice for Private Persons

Tax Returns

There is a contact person from Wedding & Partner available at all times to provide you with personal taxation advice, and who accompanies and supports you from a taxation perspective in all your life situations.
For your private tax affairs, our services include the preparation of your tax returns for the purposes of:

  • Income tax
  • Inheritance tax and gift tax
  • Separate and uniform determination of profit
  • (Extended) limited tax liability
  • Sales (value-added) tax
  • Trade tax

Taxation Advice National/International

When working together with you, we always keep a close and continuous eye on the latest legal developments and the structuring opportunities they offer in relation to your personal commercial and economic circumstances.

The taxation advice provided to private persons includes the following range of services especially:


Real Estate

You would like to expand your real estate portfolio, or you are planning your first acquisition and require support in the decision-making process? In addition to these areas, we also provide advice on the structuring for taxation purposes of already existing real estate holdings. Doing so, we offer a professional tax contact person to provide individual advice to you.

  • Taxation of real estate
  • Liquidity analysis
  • Capital gains determination
  • Real estate transfer tax
  • Real estate tax

Succession Planning and Inheritance Tax Advice

Whether you are planning to gift some of your wealth, or would like to maintain the substance of your assets from one generation to the next, or even suffer an unexpected blow of fate: We provide integrated support and advice to you in every life situation. With us, you have a tax expert at your side capable of providing you with individual advice in the following areas:

  • Gift tax
  • Inheritance tax
  • Asset succession
  • Taxation-focused planning of successions, last wills and matrimonial property regimes
  • Valuation of private assets
  • Valuation of corporate assets
  • SOS emergency files