Wedding & Partner

Business Management Graduate, CPA, Auditor, Tax Consultant

Head of the “Taxation Planning Advice” Competency Centre, advice on the restructuring of companies and successor planning, including foundations and non-profit institutions, international tax law [..] Read more →


Daniela Graf
Phone: +49 69 29 70 31 – 19
Fax: +49 69 29 70 31 – 30

Business Management Graduate, Tax Consultant, LL.M.

Head of the “Japanese Desk” and “Salaries” Competency Centre, support and supervision of M&A transactions (acquisition/disposal of companies), consultancy and advice on acquisition/disposal processes [..] Read more →


Anna Leena Stahnke
Phone: +49 69 29 70 31 – 68
Fax: +49 69 29 70 31 – 30


Dipl-Bw. (BA), Tax Consultant

Head of the “Private Taxes” and Projects” Competency Centre, advice to natural persons, private clients, taxation planning advice, project management [..] Read more →

B.Sc., Tax Consultant

Advice in the context of the ongoing tax advisory services for stock corporations in group structures, tax enforcement advice [..] Read more →

Japanese Desk

Operative Head of the ‘Japanese Desk’ Competency Centre
ジャパンデスク オペレーティングマネージメント [..]
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We do not regard our work merely as taxation and management advice, but rather as management consultancy, in which it is essential for us that the “chemistry” works well.
To achieve this, working together with our clients on an equal footing is as important to us as identifying with the issues that concern them. We act in a foresighted and cost-conscious, client-oriented and creative manner, and we are always especially delighted to resolve the challenges with our clients together.

And more than 40 further staff members

Our team consists of committed and motivated employees, each responsible on their own behalf for servicing our clients, and each capable of looking beyond their own horizons. Together with the tax advisers at Wedding & Partner, more than 40 further staff work here. In addition to their training to become assistant tax consultants, many of them have also gained further qualifications – ranging from (international) accountants to tax specialists.
Likewise, several of our employees have already been with us since their training. Representing a tradition we like to foster and maintain in each new training year.