Tax Planning/ Structuring Advice

In our opinion, the aim and purpose of providing advice on tax planning and structuring is to increase the final value of our clients' assets. With the complex challenges involved here due to the reliable and innovative solutions that are required, tax planning and structuring advice is regarded as one of the most demanding tax consultancy disciplines. Thus we neither recommend nor offer short-term tax optimisation or tax saving models.

We accompany and support our clients when they are reconciling their national accounting policies and standards with international ones. And equally so when preparing and auditing annual accounts and consolidated financial statements in accordance with international accounting policies and standards.

Thanks to our extensive experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions on both a national and international level, Wedding & Partner has become a trusted and conscientious partner when it comes to the successful planning and structuring of corporate acquisitions and disposals. For the owners of many mid-sized companies, the sale of their own company is often the first and only time they have to deal with the subject of mergers and acquisitions. Furthermore, it is frequently the case that the seller's old age benefits have to be paid from the income achieved from the disposal. It is essential that already at the beginning of the process here consideration is given to where the revenue from the sale should accrue, in order to structure it through a private asset management plan or use it to satisfy pension entitlements arising from the company.

The successful implementation of corporate strategies requires solid revenue, liquidity and financial planning. To achieve this, Wedding & Partner provides a comprehensive consultancy service to business start-ups as well as established and growing companies that accompanies and follows each company. Our services in the business management consultancy field begin with the development of risk-oriented tax planning and innovative financial concepts. The next level involves the implementation of transparent steering and controlling instruments required for performance and liquidity planning. Following this, we give advice on restructuring measures, analyse strengths and weaknesses or execute due diligences – and that is not the end of our services by far.